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53 Nuggets

Did I tell you about that one time I ate 53 chicken nuggets? No? Well, way back in the winter of `06 a challenged was propositioned. Some folks fancied themselves big eaters, so much so that they thought they could out eat your old grampa here. Now in them days, chicken nuggets were pretty easy to come by; five nuggets for a dollar and Wendy’s, so fifty we set you back a Jefferson.

You’re probably asking, how much food is 53 chicken nuggets? Well according to the nutritional information on Wendy’s, 53 chicken nuggets equates to:

1.75 pounds of food
2438 calories
159 grams of fat
371 milligrams of cholesterol
5512 milligrams of sodium
I felt pretty good for the first 38 nuggets. I tried to get as much in as possible. But those last 15 were brutal, and I started feeling bloated and nauseous. I probably spent 20 minutes to finish all the nuggets. Just for comparison, Sonya Thomas holds the competitive eating record for chicken nuggets at 80 nuggets in 5 minutes. After we finished eating (I won, duh), I had to lie down on the ground to prevent sharp pains when breathing. The whole next day, there was bad gas and funky bowl movements. And while I tout this accomplishment as a point of pride, I haven’t eaten a chicken nugget since.

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dude.. that's crazy ....


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