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Lost in translation (nerd rant)

Yes, I know that the new Transformers movie is supposed to be a “realistic interpretation” of the original cartoon. And while it has garnered praises from fans of the original series as well as movie critics, toy geeks like me have to deal with this crap:
A Transformers toy that doesn’t transform. Let me walk through this one. You made a movie about toy robots that transform into vehicles, but your toy based off of that movie doesn’t transform. That’s like George Lucas making Jedi action figures, but instead of light sabers, they get baseball bats or panini sandwiches. You’re missing the point, Hasbro. The best part of playing with Transformer toys was the transforming part. As a kid, I could really care less about what the toy looked like as a robot or if it turned into a tape recorder. It was that intermediate phase where you’d try to see how fast you could twist and tuck the pieces away without looking at the instructions or breaking off one of the limbs; that was the fun part! Why didn’t you make a blue and red big rig truck and call it Optimus Prime while you’re at it? In Hasbro’s defense they do make a “premium” line of toys for the new movie that transform, but they cost twice as much, and still kind of sucks.

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Richard Chen:


You liar! I know for a fact that you did not play with Transformers as a kid because dad was too cheap to buy us one. That explains the current toy collection.

-Your Brother


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