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Picross DS

Tired of Sudoku but not quite ready step up to the big boy leagues of crossword puzzles? Try Picross! Simple enough for four year olds yet complex enough for seven year olds! Keeps your elderly distracted during their humiliating, yet necessary, towel baths! Damn you grandma, that’s what the bed pan is for! Basically, it’s nonograms for your DS. Que the sound of a 1000 browsers going to wikipedia.

Actually, this game is pretty fun and challenging at times. When I first saw it, I thought it was going to be another dumb time filler like Sudoku; apply the technique and win. But then I was getting 10 minute times and being frustrated by simple ten by ten boards. Finally I realized that the hints at the ends of the columns and rows are in sequence and now the game is too easy.

Nintendo & Jupiter do a good job of putting a glossy face on an old painting. From the part I didn't skip over, the tutorial was pretty good and explaining the game. Rewards such as minigames and animated answers keep things lively but do distract a bit. This biggest deal is the added is the ability to download more boards. I haven't tried it, but for $20 who cares how replayable this game is.


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