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September 5, 2007


Deezer Logo
Web 2.0 is great, but only when you get stuff for free. That's why Deezer is my new favorite site. Think of it as someone's massive MP3 collection readily available to you with out subscription or even log in. Mucho excellento for worko.

September 4, 2007

I want to ride you

Is that wrong? What started as a Bianchi Pista Concept and ended up as a BMX throwback is quite possible the most beautiful bike I've ever seen. Made by Dave's Quality Meat and Trackstar.

September 6, 2007

Don't fight it

Sherman is pretty camera shy. You would not believe the lengths I have to go to take his picture... naked.

September 7, 2007

iPod Shuffle Colours

Here's something subtle that I missed in the whole new-ipods-hoopla this Wednesday. The new iPod shuffles have a different palette. I know! Shocking right? Anyways, the new colors are a little more muted and a bit darker. I'm not sure if I like it.

I have a problem with MariƩ Digby

First off, I can't make that fucking little apostrophe thingy over the "e" with out opening up Character Map, so even talking shit about you is a pain in the ass. Anyways, yesterday's WSJ has an article about how Digby isn't this homespun talent that she makes herself out to be. Apparently her sudden and coincidental rise to fame is neither sudden nor coincidental. But rather a carefully crafted 18 month marketing campaign appealing to our sense of relatability. Yes she's hot, yes she's talented... but you know what, so is every other popstar out there. Just own up to being a corporate marketing product, we'll like you as much as Michelle Branch. Copy of the WSJ article after the jump.

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September 10, 2007

Martin Klimas

Turn off all the lights, all of them. Now open the lens, wide open and leave it there. Take one ceramic figurine and drop it from a decent height. Rig a sound sensor to fire the strobes right when the figurine hits the ground.


September 17, 2007

These are my friends

We often sit around very modern looking courtyards laughing. Laughing and discussing politics.

September 18, 2007

Chevy jump starts a Lambo

If you're going to spend a quarter mil on a sports car, splurge a little. Go ahead and spend $100 on AAA or a new battery. Don't wake your buddy on Saturday morning asking him to drive his Chevy Tahoe over and give you a jumpstart. Also, don't park in the handicap spot, jerk.

September 19, 2007

Don't Tase Me Bro

Oh citizens of the internet, you sure do have a way of latching onto current events and distilling them into their essence. For example, when a University of Florida student was tasered at a John Kerry speech over the weekend, all you guys came away with was this. That's right. Get your very own Don't Tase Me Bro t-shirt right here. Get it before nobody know what you're talking about (next week).

September 21, 2007

Oh I'm just out for a walk...


Give up your car.

I just read this article in the Register about this family of four in Santa Ana who gave up their car and starting taking public transportation and peddle power. At first, I was shocked by this article. Americans giving up their cars for bikes? OC people giving up their SUV and taking public trans? WTH? This has got to be a gimmick. But then the more I thought about it, the more disappointed I am with myself. I like riding my bike, and my bike is perfect for commuting. But for some reason, I'll hop in the truck to run the simplest of errands. I also don't work that far from home. Riding my bike would only increase my commute from 15 mins to 22 mins.

The only thing that I have to criticize the family about is their lack of head protection. Wear a helmet man! I hate helmets as much as the next guy, but I hate paralysis even more.

September 27, 2007

Corn corn corn

Here's a little fun fact from October's issue of Harper's. It takes three kernels of corn to make the amount of corn syrup in one piece of candy corn. But, there are eight times as many calories in a piece of candy corn as there are in a kernel of corn. Wow! Mind blowing huh? Also, corn makes poop look Santa Fe style chili. That's not really from Harpers, that's just a bit of research I did on my own.

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