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King Taco in Long Beach

They finally opened reopened the King Taco that's somewhat close to Orange County. This one is on Long Beach Blvd and Pacific Coast Highway. For those who don't know, King Taco is the chain version of El Taurino a.k.a "The Best Fling Flanging Burrito Place in LA". I went there during my lunchbreak yesterday because I was really craving their sauce (even though I can only take a couple of drops of it). Anyways 15 mins to get there, 10 to order, 20 to get my food, and I ate the whole burrito in less than a minute. That's not even an exaggeration. I ate my burrito in the time it took this lady to stand up and get a napkin.

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are they REALLY that good?.. i went to the LA county fair and saw'm there..

never heard'm before then..


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