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Facebook apps I’d like to see

Let’s face it, Facebook is the social network that all the cool people are on. Part of the appeal is the ability to develop new application via its API. The other part is the ability to ogle people who’d normally shun you faster than bacon at a bar mitzvah. Back to the point, apps; these are little web widgets that integrate into your profile that let you interact with your contacts in a new fashion. You can compare similarities, send random images, share recipes… basically all the crappy things retired people do because they have too much time and not enough will to live. Currently there are about 12,500 apps, most of them do the same stupid thing (hugs), but here are a few new ideas for apps that I’m just too stupid lazy to make:

STD: Basically it’s a poke/super poke application where three months later you find out that someone who poked you has an infectious disease. You earn points when you figure out who transmitted which disease to you which you can spend on topical ointment. Bonus taboo points for infecting family members.

Survivor: Get a circle of your contacts together and collectively decide who you like the least. Every week your circle grows smaller until there are only two left. At this point you must have a fight to the death. No really, a real physical fight to the death. Get off your computer and murder your friend. Winner gets a star icon in their profile.

You owe me $5: Okay, this one might actually be feasible as a real application. It’s an app that keeps track of how much money friends owe each other. At some point, the group can cash-in on the debts and an algorithm will determine the least amount of checks to be written among the group. I’m sick of writing a ton of checks between friends for random dinners, vacations, or knick-knacks. Also, it’d really help locate the dead beats in your social circle.

Roadtrip: Spend multiple days listening to one of your friend’s crappy playlist on repeat. Game ends when you realize that “Anime Music” isn’t a real genre, or when you get fed up and buy a plane ticket home.


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