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Happy Gregorian New Year!

Hope everyone stayed safe and healthy this past Monday night. While gallivanting around town that night, I thought to myself, “How stupid is this?” There’s all these people out just to celebrate the changing of the last digit of the year in the Gregorian calendar. This lead me to think, if it’s just another excuse to party, why just limit yourself to one calendar why not celebrate all winter long?
  • January 1: Gregorian New Year
  • January 10: Islamic New Year
  • January 14: Julian New Year
  • February 7: Chinese New Year
  • February 8 - February 10: Tibetan New Year
  • March 14: Nanakshahi New Year
  • March 21: Iranian New Year
  • March 30: Saka New Year
  • April 13-15: Thai New Year


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