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Wolfpack Hustle All City Team Race 2

The second annual Wolfpack Hustle All City Team Race happened this past Sunday. This alleycat consists of teams of five making their own route from Tang's Dounts in Silver Lake to Dockweiler Beach in Playa Del Ray. First team to have all five members across the finish line wins. Sounds simple and straight forward but this was hardly the case.

There were so many bumps and crashes. Even before the race even started, one rider fell and shattered his full carbon saddle. Later I heard he taped it back together and raced. At one point, one rider charged full speed into an intersection, slammed into another rider heading perpendicular through the same intersection; the first guy goes over his bars, does a somersault while still holding onto his bars, lands on his back, gets up and rides on. At another point, one rider tries to split lane, gets side check by a BMW. He goes one way; the bike goes the other way taking out two other riders.

In the end, our team got a big fat DNF (did not finish). From the start, we lost one team mate in the mix never to find him again. Another team mate got detained by the police for running a red light. Despite that, our team did pretty well. I placed 10th overall and our other two that did finish placed 7th and 12th.


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