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Miley Cyrus' birthday has been brought to you by The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries

So I was driving home after my weekly Sunday night training ride and saw the fireworks go off at Disneyland. But then realizing that it was 11:30pm, I shouted out loud "Double-You-Tee-Eff? Disneyland has gone mad!!" No sooner than I had realized that all my windows were wide open (I have body odor), did some lady walking along the sidewalk shout:
"IT'S MILEY'S BIRTHDAY". "OH OKAY." I responded Thinking for a second, I shouted, "WAIT, WHO'S MILEY?"
This went back and forth until the light turned green and I sped off completely bewildered by the whole situation and a little bit ashamed of how oblivious I am when it comes to pop-culture. Then today my co-worker pointed me at this AP article about Miley's birthday at Disneyland. Apparently it was pretty much a big PR stunt and money making event where Disney charged guests $250 for admission and made her perform. This made me sad on a few levels.
  1. Disneyland closed early that day kicking out the "poor" kids who couldn't shell out the $250. Meanwhile there's kids out there who don't even have money for food, medicine, and other basic necessities.
  2. Miley has essentially sold her childhood. Not that I feel that badly for her; I'm more depressed that her parents would think this is a good idea.
  3. I just blogged about Miley Cyrus.


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