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Day Twelve: Riding in circles

photo by gordonr

I took the road bike into the shop to get shorter cranks. It came with 175mm Race Face cranks, which is way too long. The backs of my knees started to hurt on longer rides and my knees hit my chest when I go into a full aero tuck.

So with no road bike to rack up miles on, I went to ADT Velodrome to ride around in circles. I was a little intimidated because the last time I was there was when I took the training session. During that session I didn't go fast enough, slid down the embankment, ruining a new pair of shorts in the process. But Huphtur was there giving me some pointers and answering my stupid questions. "What's that? Who's he? I wanna go clockwise!" Anyways, It was good riding the Scattante again, she fits just right.

March 9: El Taurino Run (19.24 Miles)
March 10: Venice -> Hel/Mel (37.53 Miles)
March 12: ADT Velodrome (30 Miles)
Total as of March 12th: 171 miles, 329 miles to go

It was a little odd trying to determine how many miles I should attribute to the velodrome session. But I feel that conservative estimate would be 20 mph x (2 hrs - .5 hrs of resting) = 30 miles.


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