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Hello, my name is Terry and I'm a lycra-holic

I was reviewing my year to date expenses when I noticed something: "I've spent four times as much on cycling equipment than I have on groceries." This got me thinking about how much time, effort and resources I've expended in pursuit of cycling. I've come up with a few metrics:
  • I own more cycling outfits than I do work pants.
  • I've never dieted for heath or religious reasons but am willing to diet in order to "go faster".
  • I've spent 10 minutes comparing prices on shampoo to save a dollar but haven't blinked twice about spending $21 on a 4oz tube of chamois cream.
  • I view changing my car's motor oil a chore while cleaning my bike's drivetrain a treat.
  • I haven't owned a Bic razor in years, and I only recently bought one to shave my legs.
  • My Outlook contact list has 4 categories: Family, Friends, Clients, Bike.
  • I've blown off holidays, birthdays, and other major social gatherings not just to ride but the night before a big ride because I want to "prepare myself".
  • I've worn mismatching socks out in public thinking "who's going to care", but have been hesitant to install mismatched stem/seatpost combinations because "everyone's going to think this looks stupid".
Side note: That $11 for books wasn't spent on a cycling book or even a book that was literature worthy. It was however, it was spent on this amazing and hilarious book.


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