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A Mother's love and $323

My mom, my aunt, and I use the same credit union so it's fairly easy for us to transfer money back and forth between our accounts. This morning I had this e-mail exchange with my mom.

Mom: Terry, I accidentally transfer $323 to your checking account instead of your aunt's. Could you transfer it back to me? Thanks. Love, Mom.
Me: Can I keep $10 of it for lunch? Think of it as a "I love my son" charge.
Mom: You can take $23 and just transfer back $300 back to me. Thanks.
Me: Oh, you want me to have dessert too?
Mom: Sure.
Me: I think we should just make it an even $50; this way I can take a date. You want grandkids right?
Mom: You can take the whole $323 if you can promise me an adorable boy like in this picture. (attaches a childhood photo of me, see above).
Me: I just sent you back $323.


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